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    You may not remember my son, Ryan, but he certainly remembers you!  He is 5yrs old and took swimming lessons from you this summer (pic attached).  He was very scared at first but you had so much patience and really worked with him.  And at the end of the week he was actually swimming on his own! 

    I couldn’t believe it!  I just wanted to thank you for what you do and for taking the time to work with him.  You really made a difference.  And we have been practicing very hard this summer and he has really improved.  I hope we are still here next June (we are military and will probably be moving again next summer) so he can take your class again.

    Can you please keep us on your mailing list for next year?  We are just so grateful and Ryan has had such a fun summer because he’s learned how to enjoy the pool.

    Thanks again.



I just wanted to thank you again for having such a wonderful swim program. Shaun has enjoyed everyday and was so upset when I told him he didn't have a lesson today. We look forward to taking lessons next year! 




I've attached a video of Noah at our neighborhood pool. He continues to improve on what you taught him. He went from a child that would not fully immerse his head or jump in the pool to now doing both and more after those four days with you. We are thrilled and so proud of him! Thank you!!



Mrs. Karen,

We are so happy to see Carson's progress in the water this summer. That back swimming blew me away! He really enjoys swimming and it is our goal to continue exposing him to quality swimming instruction until he makes the junior Olympics (smile). I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and patience in dealing with so many children---- especially the crying ones! You are an excellent instructor and so personable, yet firm and it makes me so comfortable in knowing he is in the best swimming hands in the south! Thanks again for the opportunity and we will see you next summer. I may even join next summer because even though I can swim, I don't know how to dive! Have a great summer!
Courtney Griffin-Burton  

Karen Lee - Swim Instructor (WSI Certified)
340 Hillabee Drive   Montgomery, Alabama 36117